The most effective online promotion channels in 2023

Content marketing

 As well as email marketing, content marketing is one of the most effective channels of digital marketing from ROI perspective.

Potential clients – people ready to buy a specific product and become regular clients as the relationship develops, and it depends on website visits.

Advertising includes blog articles, infographics, video content, news, controlling lists, thematic research, webinars, and documents. They are excellent magnets for visitors. You should think about which would be the most effective in communicating with your target audience, depending on which step of the five sales stages they are now and how they consume information.

Recommendations about Content Marketing

–       To increase organic traffic and generate leads, it’s necessary to provide regular high-quality content;

–     When you have excellent content, it MUST be promoted! One of the best content promotion methods is direct email marketing and message exchange on social networks.

PPC (pay-per-click)

It can sound impossible that paid search (also named SEM) can give profit from investments. ‘Cause eventually, you pay for each click, while SEO, when people organically find your company (from a technical perspective – free).

The advantage of using PPC is that advertisements appear in the organic search results, making them more noticeable to users. Even though you have to pay each time user clicks on the ad, there are still many advantages for an online business that you can receive from paid search.

For every dollar you spend on Google Ads, you can earn 2$. It’s a 100% return on investments. Conversely, not using a paid advertising channel can result in a 50% decrease in revenue.

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