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What is Web-Development in Hype Hyperion meaning?

Our agency creates and promotes websites from clients’ orders. In cooperation with us, you will receive a reliable internet resource responsive to all modern requirements. We develop websites, landing pages, and “business card” websites and organize professional promotion in search systems and social networks for you in the shortest terms.

The part of users who choose products and services depending on information from the internet is enormous and grows day by day. Today, 85% of potential customers check official sellers’ websites before purchasing. Therefore, the attraction and functionality of the company’s website are more important now than ever, especially with increasing marketing competition.

From adaptive website development for businesses to ensuring attendance of potential clients’ to created resources, we will provide an overall service complex to reach first positions in the industry and expand market presence.

Creating high-performance, multifunctional, user-friendly, safe web resources for business will rapidly scale your business in a global network. For a client, we implement creative solutions which can quickly adapt to the consistently changing digital landscape. Moreover, these solutions deliver tangible results from the first day of implementation.

The main directions of our activities include:

–       Analytical study of the market, completion environment, and creation of development strategy. Agree with the promotion conception with a client and joint planning of a technical task.

– Design and develop websites per assigned tasks – preparation of the layout with designers, picking color combinations, and creating the recognizable style.

– Final post and activation on our hosting, set up of business processes, and feedback. Teach client representatives all the nuances and used innovations in implemented systems.

– Further support, improvement, and promotion.

Our WEB-developing advantages

Several significant advantages let us occupy leading positions in the internet promotion industry.

–       Adaptive conception of web development. We don’t work with template solutions. Instead, create unique personal development strategies for every client. An internet resource is developed and adapted personally for a client.

–       We constantly involve stuff of interface specialists, including business analytics, UI/UX experts, and designers.

– Friendliness, openness, communication, and readiness to interact with a customer.

– Best practices for successful website development and performance of other work in this industry.

– Thorough inspection before the start of a project.

– Affordable solutions developed strictly following set goals, schedules, and budgets.

FREE 30-minutes consultation

Steps of cooperation

1) Approval of technical task

This step consists of determining of website’s goals. What is the result client is looking for? Does a client need admin access to make some changes or actualize content on his own? Which pages does a client want to see on his website? We formed the final price and determine the deadlines on this step. As well as this is the time for pre-payment.

2) Analyze competitors and development of website structure

Analysis of competitors can help us to add effective pages and blocks, as well as create our ideas regarding the design and functionality of your website. This step finishes with a prototype of the website. This is a block scheme, which shows placements of all the sections and blocks that will be a part of your website.

3) Adaptive design

According to a prototype of the website, our designer create a visualization of the project bearing in mind that a website will be used by different devices, screen resolution, browsers, etc. Then we send a prepared layout for final approval.

4) Web-development. Connection to CMS and database set up.

The approved layout transfers to the Front-End Developer, who should turn pictures into code. In addition, connect it to the CMS database, if needed. Different specialist tests website to find and remove errors and compares website to the layout.

5) Content time

Our marketing specialist creates sale texts in strict cooperation with a client. He also chooses the most effective pictures. All the text and titles are created with your business keywords. It helps reach the TOP of search results.

6) Final test before start
7) Start and support within 90 days

And as result you’ll see:

Ready to work website with exclusive design

Traffic growth

Payment growth

Income growth

FREE 30-minutes consultation

Why you shoud choose our agency for web-development?

3 years help with web-development to happy clients
Support for 3 month after start of the web-site
More 1000 succesful project all around world
Transparensy and open door on each step

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Here we note that we are talking about a site from scratch, when there is nothing at all. That is, you need content, a prototype, design, programming. There are no exact dates, but on average the figures are as follows:
— Landing: 3-5 weeks
— Business card website: 4-6 weeks
— Corporate website: from 1.5 months
The first week is always spent on niche research, competitors, visual research. Sometimes it’s 3 days, sometimes it’s 1.5 weeks. So, for a corporate website on satellite and telecommunication systems, it took us 2 weeks. Difficult niche, weak market: all of this creates a delay.


If we are talking about content that we create as part of the promotion or you prepare within the framework of the tasks that we have set, then all such work is included.
If we are talking about the fact that from a certain moment you decide that you no longer need a content manager and you entrust all the work to support the site to us, then we will decide what work we are ready to carry out as part of search promotion and they will help us a lot, and what works we are ready to perform only for an additional fee under an additional contract to support the site.


With all known management systems: WordPress, Drupal, ModX, etc.


Your site will have a convenient admin panel, this is a site management system, content and functionality. We provide video instructions for making changes to your site with detailed explanations of all processes. Just tell us what is required in the management, and we will definitely prepare everything.


Yes, you’ll be. The interface of the internal part of the project on Tilda is very friendly and understandable. On Tilda, replacing text is no more difficult than in word, you can independently add product cards, change photos, publish articles and news, add new blocks, or even create simple pages. With all this, you do not need third-party developers, plus we will give video instructions and help you figure it out


In this case, we recommend starting cooperation with building a semantic core. If you immediately assemble a complete semantic core for promotion, this will save you a budget in the future and will allow you to immediately build the correct site structure. Our web studio promotes sites in the TOP-10 within a period of 3 months.


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