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FREE 30-minutes consultation

Steps of Web Design creation

01 St
Prototype creation
Choose the type and page structure and draw the layout in the constructor, logic of the blocks, and placement of primary elements.
02 St
Approval of the website style
Approve the website's style according to the theme and direction of the business (art deco, retro, minimalism, etc.).
03 St
Web design development
Choose interface color solutions, fonts, and different elements before drawing page layouts based on prototypes.
04 St
Adaptive design
Create an adaptive design version to adapt the site to the size of various gadgets (desktop, smartphone, tablet).
05 St
Support within 30 days
You have the right to ask us to make minor changes within 30 days.

Recent projects

What is Web-Design in Hype Hyperion meaning?

Besides web development as the complex solution of business and marketing tasks, not least is web design. It means creating page structure and quality graphics following the resource’s tasks.

The main web design functions are:

–       Target audience attraction;

–       Accordance with business tasks and audience interests;

–       Company presentation from the best side on the internet;

–       Increase brand awareness and web project’s reputation;

–       Management of attention and clients’ interests;

–       Work with business functions: orders, purchases, search, etc.

Website visitors decide in 2-3 seconds. He can miss some details, but he always pays attention to the website’s appearance. Web design attracts and pushes away visitors onto pages.

The advantages of the service

We develop only exclusive designer solutions for your business.

–       Create a recognizable website design with pictures for potential clients.

–       Form an image of a successful company, paying attention to functionality, esthetics, and the principle of intuition in the interface of the future website.

–       Create a universal product with a correct display on any gadget.

–       Use basic SEO optimization for search indexing of the website.

–       Support projects after the start.

–       Provide free technical consultations.

–       Perform work in determining terms.

Team of UX specialists with many years of practical experience work on projects and create suitable digital solutions. The modern marketing approach is used in work. That’s why we provide quality and thoughtful design in all meanings.

Work description

Web design development service consists of numerous assignments:

– Develop web design of the start page, other sections, and landing pages that are attractive and easy to perceive;

– Create adaptive website version for different devices and opportunities;

– Website redesign with an option of transfer to a different platform;

– Logo development that can be unique website symbolism;

– Creation of a Landing Page with a description of the primary advantages of the website’s products and services;

– Create UX/UI architecture with a characteristic interface and physical features.

If you need to increase sales and hit a new level with your business, trust the development of a unique and user-friendly website design to us. The website design’s price depends on clients, tasks, type, exclusiveness, website style, and work duration. To order website design or receive answers to your questions, call us — — —-, or use the form below. We’ll find solutions that make a difference.

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The exact price of web design development depends on several factors, including the type of site (online store, blog, social network, etc.), the amount and type of content (text, images), as well as the special wishes of the client. Thus, it is not possible to predict the exact cost of developing a website. In order to find out how much web design will cost for you, please contact us.


Web design development time depends on several factors, such as the type of website (online store, blog, social network, etc.), the amount of content and its type (text, images), as well as the wishes of the client. Thus, it is impossible to unambiguously predict how long the development of the site will take. In order to find out how long it will take to design your site, please contact us.


Customer-attractive design:
– easy to use
– does not contain elements that do not perform any specific task
-does not interfere, and ideally helps the flow of information
– does not distract the client from the necessary information
– draws attention to the right places
– allows the client to quickly find the contact details of the enterprise
– allows the client to quickly and easily make a purchase / use the service, if the site provides such an opportunity
-corresponds to the field of activity of the enterprise
– does not create unnecessary associations with other fields of activity or sites
– looks harmonious and attractive in general


After the design is developed, it is placed on the site. Next, the content is placed on the site and tests are carried out to understand if the web design is displayed correctly and whether it performs its tasks as intended.


Yes, after the completion of the project, we provide various project support services, such as further development, SEO services, advertising.


To order web-design developement call us +1(213)423 0468 or send us an email contact@hypehyperion.com

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