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What is SEO in Hype Hyperion meaning?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of website optimization measures that improve your website’s position in search results. It’s a complex process aimed at achieving long-term results. More specifically, the website becomes visible on Google, Bing, and other search systems and improves its rankings.

The main goals of SEO are to attract relevant traffic to a website. Essentially, our agency guides users who are seeking solutions to their problems and can find them in your services or products. Our SEO optimization services include technical optimization and link building. Please be aware that quality traffic is not achieved in one day, and the conversion from users to clients takes time. The price of SEO is significantly less than PPC advertising. Search optimization is considered one of the primary tactics in digital marketing.

We carry out complex website SEO optimization to achieve our goals. Specialists with years of experience can help push your internet resource into the top 10 search results. We implement only effective and white-hat methods of attracting search traffic.

SEO promotion consists of three main steps:

– Comprehensive audit: This includes analyzing customers’ demand, website structure, gathering a semantic core, and evaluating the links profile. We also set up a system, define analytics goals, and troubleshoot any issues.
– Technical task creation to follow project optimization.
– Active promotion: This involves working on the semantic core, creating technical tasks for copywriters, monitoring progress, analyzing results, making corrections, and providing regular reports.

The SEO promotion process is divided into the following categories, depending on optimization types:

– Internal optimization focuses on improving your website from a technical point of view and increasing the quality of content.
– External (link-building) involves publishing articles about your business on authoritative websites in your industry.

Results depend on technical assignment implementation, recommendations from SEO promotion specialists, budget, geo-location, competition, and external optimization. The search algorithms are constantly changing and improving simultaneously with competitors’ activity.

Many businesses and even marketing specialists of the best companies in the country choose our SEO agency not occasionally but because of the variety of advantages, including:

– Comprehensive SEO promotion and traffic growth
– Structural optimization and expansion
– Removal of search sanctions
– The highest number of views with the lowest price per lead
– Thorough examination and original developments
– A significant number of regular customers
– High resultative practices
– Regular reporting
– Creation of detailed technical assignments with an understandable structure
– High level of customer service
– Complete and up-to-date information and expert recommendations
– Work performed by highly qualified professionals
– Traffic growth and ROI metrics
– Utilization of proprietary technologies
– Geographic independence
– Access to optimal pricing for SEO services

Our specialists excel in their work. Our SEO team includes copywriters, designers, and proficient SEO strategists.

FREE 30-minutes consultation

What will you get while working with us?

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And as result you’ll see:

Improving positions
search results

Traffic growth

Getting more orders

Revenue growth

FREE 30-minutes consultation

Steps of cooperation


Analysis of competitors and discuss about priority services/products for promotion.


Gathering of semantic core (keywords). Preparation of technical task for copy-writer. Creation of unique images for articles.


Writing articles for external and internal posting with usage of keywords and anchor links.


Buying process of link mass and next posting of articles with links to our website. This way value of our website will grow just like on yeast.


Tracking changes in search results.



PPC Advertising is paid advertisement with eternal war for the cost of clicks. If your money finishes in your Google account – you won’t be at the top of search results. In contrast, SEO needs a smaller budget and gives long-lasting results. As well as, websites that you can see in organic results build more trust with clients because you don’t have an advertising label next to the title of your website. However, if you don’t have Google Ads advertising yet, we recommend starting with this marketing tool because it will give faster results.


You definitely address the question right. SEO is suitable for this purpose. And we will do this task right in the short term.


You found the right web page, my friend. Moreover, meet the agency that solves these problems! We will jump over your competitor using their weak spots. Сarefully works out a counter-strategy that will push your website to a leading position.

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