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What is PPC advertising/contextual marketing?

With our expert team handling Google Ads contextual advertising, your business can swiftly claim top spots in search results, ensuring you attract potential clients to visit your website. Just fill out the form, and our contextual advertising specialists are here to answer all your questions, no strings attached.

Think of contextual advertising as your direct message to potential customers based on their online searches—an efficient way to connect with your ideal audience and drive results.

Steps of cooperation

Business analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis of your industry, monitoring customer demand, and assessing competitors; Analyzing your target audience to understand their genuine needs;
Aligning with your budget for effective planning and strategy development.


Development of Advertising Strategy

Creating a semantic core and negative-keywords tailored to the slang of your target audience and current market trends;
Crafting a unique selling proposition;
Agreeing on terms and, most importantly, your budget.

Creation of Advertising Account

Establishing and setting up your Google Ads account;
Linking your website with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to import advertising goals;

Creation of Ad Campaigns

Strategically dividing selected keywords into groups and crafting unique advertisements for each group;
Proposing changes to target pages for improved results;

Advertising Management

Vigilantly monitoring and optimizing campaign effectiveness, working closely with statistics;
Crafting and testing advertisements for segmented audience groups;
Analyzing gathered data and metrics to set and adjust goals;
Exploring additional advertising channels like email blocks, YouTube, and media;
Fine-tuning daily budgets and meticulously setting up ad extensions.


Implementing dynamic remarketing to re-engage potential customers who didn’t make a purchase immediately;
Utilizing banners with your product/service on partner websites through the powerful tool of remarketing.

Ongoing monthly support

Continuously monitoring your account metrics;
Fine-tuning the price per click for optimal performance;
Implementing strategies to boost conversions and overall effectiveness.

As result you’ll see:

Improving positions
in search results

Traffic growth

Payment growth

Income growth

FREE 30-minutes consultation

The advantages of Pay-per-click Advertising

The setup of PPC advertising should be detailed and focused on potential clients. Uis like orchestrating a symphony for potential clients. We use the right tech and marketing magic to hit the bullseye and get that sweet traffic flowing. AOur ads come in different flavors—text, banners, animation, and videos, all just a click away from making an impact.

Google sweetens the deal with a bonus of $500 for new accounts, a little welcome gift for those who dive into the world of promotions. Creating a Google Ads account takes up to 7 days (a little longer than waiting a pizza). But sometimes it also depends on how quickly you answer us. Unlike other agency, HYPE Hyperion is your pumpkin agency and we’re here to provide you with the best possible comunication and results. And our goal to dance with you in endless partnership until you retire and sell us your business for gazillion dollars.

Budgets often vanish into thin air due to wrong settings and mismanagement. It’s like throwing money into a black hole. We strongly advise you to dance only with the trustworthy agencies. And we’ve been grooving to the PPC rhythm for over seven years, mastering the art of setting things right from the start. When you roll with us, you won’t lose money; instead, you’ll get a front-row seat to maximum feedback.

Why should you entrust your Google Ads to us? Here are a few reasons:

– 100% Goal Achievement: We don’t aim to miss;
– Ready Demand: Users are out there looking for you; we help them find you;
– Budget Flexibility: We know how to stretch a dollar;
– Affordable Entry Price: Starting an ad campaign won’t break the bank;
– Analytics Galore: We don’t just throw ads; we track them meticulously;
– Data-Driven Strategies: We like our decisions backed by data;
– Information Overload (In a Good Way): We give you the good stuff;
– Snappy Ads and Keywords: Because who has time for long-winded messages?
– Customizable Settings: We believe in tailored solutions;
– Certified Wizards: Our specialists come with certificates and REAL knowledge;
– Modern Magic Tools: We wield the latest marketing spells;
– Systematic Wizards: We tackle tasks with a systematic approach;
– Communication Ease: Your personal manager makes sure things run smoothly.

So, why settle for a solo act when you can have a full-blown marketing orchestra? Let’s make some noise!

FREE 30-minutes consultation



It differs in speed and duration of action. Contextual advertising is launched and starts working on the first day, bringing customers and revenue. At the same time, she quickly exhausts herself. Constant updates of settings and additional costs for bidding are required. SEO is a long-term promotion. Errors on the site are eliminated, the semantic core is assembled, texts are written, and links are purchased. All these works take time, but after full optimization, the result does not require additional editing. It will generate income stably without additional costs to the budget, as in the context.


We tell you what is happening with the site: the dynamics of changes in traffic, conversions, costs, impressions and clicks. We provide a work plan and implement advertising in accordance with it.
You will have access to your Google Analytics account and will be able to see the results at any time with a couple of clicks.


Contextual advertising is quite difficult to configure and requires painstaking and accurate selection of queries. Specialists from the agency are proven people who have skills and experience, they were selected from many other applicants for the position. In addition, department heads monitor the work of employees, preventing misunderstandings and problems with the client.


We only give predictions – what can happen if we take a certain action. The result depends on many factors. During the display of advertising, we look at the dynamics and change the parameters for greater profit.


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Successful projects

Set up of ppc advertising for employement agency “ridewap”

  • Service price: 490 USD

  • Terms: 2 Weeks

  • Montly expenses for advertisement 2000 USD

  • Closed deals from Google ads 10000 USD

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