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What is Facebook Ads and how it can help your business?

Meta Ads (e.g., Facebook Ads) is a platform where you can advertise your services or products on both Instagram and Facebook. With over 2 billion people engaging with Facebook and Instagram each month, the real question is how to attract more potential clients and sell like a boss.

Certainly, one of the biggest pros of Facebook Ads is that you can receive leads in a really short time. HYPE Hyperion can make it happen within 24 hours after launch – yes, we work fast, effectively, and we’re decent people who don’t ignore clients. That’s a promise! You’ll get communication that you won’t find in any other agency. Sorry, we got a bit distracted from the topic.

We strictly believe that honesty is the best policy. So here’s the confession. Even though we’re your “pumpkin pie” agency, setting up ads isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t require a lot of knowledge, and even a high school student can figure out how to do it right. What’s really important is your offer, its competitiveness in the market, and its representation. We’re the agency that does our homework! We actually research your niche, check your competitors, and build an irresistible offer for your target client! Sounds good! We know!

What else do we do?

1. Ad copies that really sell;
2. Ad creatives that catch attention from the first look (including video production if necessary);
3. Technical campaign setup;
4. Monitoring of your campaigns;
5. We can manage your DMs if needed and help you build a sales process;
6. And most importantly, we attract leads within 24 hours of launching your campaign.

With our ongoing promo, the one-time ad setup costs only $290 (Usually $590). It’s a steal for the quality you’ll receive. Monthly management is just $590 (usually $890/month). Opt for monthly management, and you’ll enjoy an unlimited number of ads—our mission is to optimize your Facebook Ads account, driving down result costs while maintaining stellar outcomes! 🚀

Our team spent hundreds of thousands on Facebook Ads last year. No joke! And we had the pleasure of helping over 100 different industries and niches, bringing them clients who spent millions on their products and services. This is not said for bragging, just to explain that we’re not about theory from so-called YouTube gurus; we have a proven strategy for turning ads into bills.

To find out more about our secret sauce, just click on the button below and fill out the form for a 10-minute initial call with our team. Let’s make a difference together!

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What will you get while working with us?

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We feel you! The age-old tale of business owners and their tango with digital agencies – it’s like dating, but with less romance and more promises that fizzle out.
You see, most entrepreneurs these days have had their fair share of disappointment in the digital realm. Lackluster results, ROI that’s about as elusive as a unicorn, and the feeling that maybe advertising on Facebook and Instagram is just like throwing money into a black hole. But fear not, the issue isn’t with you; it’s with the approach.
So, how we differ from this outdated approach?
✅ We don’t throw darts in the dark; every marketing move is backed by data. We’re the Sherlock Holmes of your niche, dissecting competitors and market cravings BEFORE spending a dime.
✅ Our designs are not just pretty faces; they’re the Brad Pitts of the ad world. Professional, attention-grabbing videos are our specialty, following Meta’s rules like they’re our gospel.
✅ Targeting isn’t a guessing game for us. We aim for the bulls-eye – people who genuinely care about your stuff, not your neighbor’s cat videos.
✅ Our pricing is as clear as your grandma’s soup recipe, and we predict costs like meteorologists predict rain. No surprises, just a smooth ride for business owners.
✅ If things go south, we’re not pointing fingers at Meta or you. We’re the MacGyvers of data, fixing and remaking ads for FREE. It’s not magic; it’s just how we roll.


Well, who cares about the ad budget when you’re raking in x4 or x5 returns? Or, dare I say, even more? These are just your average results, mind you. Take, for instance, our client – dental clinic; dropped 3k a month and walked away with a 20 grand. Sure, 3k might sound like a hefty investment, but picture yourself with an extra 17k to play with. Beats a coin toss, doesn’t it?
Check the review page for more confidence!


Well, in the grand dance of marketing, it’s a bit like saying, “the bigger, the better.” But joking aside, for most businesses, starting with a daily budget of 20-30 dollars is like dipping your toes into the marketing pool—enough to make a splash without doing a cannonball. 🚀


Of course! We can help with that! Our main squeeze is lead generation and sales ads because, let’s face it, they’re the heavy hitters. However, tossing in some awareness and engagement ads with a modest budget can be the secret sauce for certain businesses. We can setup all types of ad objectives and would recommend the best chain for you 🚀


Yes, we’ll flood your business with leads, or you get your money back. However, we CANNOT guarantee sales. Once a lead has contacted you or filled out the form, it’s beyond our control. Still, we’d recommend improvements to your sales script if you provide us access to your messages/calls.


Our approach involves an in-depth marketing analysis of your business BEFORE starting ad setup. Consequently, it doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. Therefore, we can confidently say that we work with any legitimate industry.

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